“Micheletto. Be surprised”

Besides the latest design trends, the furniture industry is currently dominated by three imperatives: quality, robust thicknesses and textured finishes. Micheletto, a leading company in the field of PVC drawers, welcomes these requirements and transforms its customers’ needs into reality.  It is the only company in Europe that not only produces drawers but is also equipped in-house with PVC printing technology to respond to demands for colours and colour schemes.  The result is economical drawers with a designer touch that undoubtedly increases their good looks, thanks also to carcases with thicknesses of up to 16mm. Nowadays, investing in innovation is more than ever a successful solution for remaining constantly to the fore in researching future trends. Micheletto comes forward as a valid partner and a benchmark company in the furniture industry, for both large organisations and small customers whose needs are limited to minimum batches.

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